Artur Express Paid Out Over $144,000 in Vacation Pay to Company Drivers in 2017

“We ran over 255,000+ miles in 2017 and earned over $151,000 in gross pay as a team. Artur Express is truly the Truckers’ Company! They care about me, my family and our home time. Paid vacation is just one of the many perks of working here.” from Belinda M, company OTR team driver.

Steve Green, Director of Fleet Operations, says “We respect our drivers and want to make sure they have work life balance options that meet their family’s needs. That’s why we pay out vacation every month and let the drivers decide when/how they want to use it.”

The company also matches 401k contributions and offers medical, dental, vision and life insurance for drivers and their families.

Artur Express, the Truckers’ Company!

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