Artur Express Awarded Safety Grant for Lift Tables & Lifting Jacks

In an effort to promote safety, Artur Express was one of 38 policyholders awarded a safety grant from Missouri Employers Mutual (MEM). The grant of $4,838 will be used to purchase lift tables and hydraulic lifting jacks for our shop bays.

Artur Express’s shop floor is constantly working with heavy machinery. As such, there is an extensive amount of manual labor involved in daily operations, resulting in stress on the technicians’ muscles.

“The grant money provided from MEM was a huge opportunity for Artur Express to increase workloads in a safe and timely manner,” Lisa Keeny, Fleet Maintenance Assistant Manager said.

The new equipment offers efficiency and assurance for our shop bays. Specifically, the hydraulic jack will reduce manual labor and provide extra precautions of collapsing and crushing technicians. As a bonus, the jack will occupy little storage space in an already extremely busy shop.

For five years, MEM has offered this safety grant program, resulting in a 96% reduction in claims. MEM aims to discover and define areas of businesses that may result in an injury of some kind. For 37% of this cycle’s policyholders, an injury has occurred within the last two years that would be addressed with the equipment they are purchasing from the safety grant.

“The safety grants program is here to help policyholders reduce or eliminate employee injuries, and improve their business safety and productivity,” Jim Owen, President and CEO of MEM said.

Artur Express is committed to providing a safe environment for all employees. Due to the high-risk nature of the trucking and automotive industry, it is our duty to prevent injuries of any kind.

Safety equipment is expected to arrive and be implemented shortly.

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