Raman Radzkou Named Fleet Maintenance Manager at Artur Express

Artur Express, INC congratulates Raman Radzkou on his promotion to Fleet Maintenance Manager!

Over the past 6 years, Raman has been an integral part of the maintenance shop. Starting in the wash bay, Raman kept his head down, but his eye on the prize. He worked diligently and hard to care for our fleet which has been growing since the company opened. Our trucks and trailers stayed in their best shape when out on the road and always has heads turning!

Through the growth and development of the company, Raman grew himself. Artur Express saw Raman’s determination to succeed and soon he was promoted to Mechanic Supervisor. Raman took this role to new heights with his dedication to keeping the driver in mind. The importance of our equipment was at the forefront for Raman and his team and they always exceeded expectations.

With all the hard work and endless hours put in for our fleet here at Artur Express, Raman is promoted to Fleet Maintenance Manager. With the will to succeed and create a safe environment for our drivers and shop personnel, Raman is sure to continue growing his career here. We cannot wait to see what lies ahead!

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