Artur Express, Inc Adds Another Fully Electric Truck to The Fleet

Artur Express announces the reveal of the fourth, brand new 2023 electric truck. This 2023 Volvo VNRE is better than ever with its enhanced configurations. 

This 2023 Volvo VNRE is better than ever with its enhanced configurations. This lean machine comes with an expanded six-battery system that makes it designed for longer hauling in regional and urban areas.

We are pleased to add a 4th electric truck to our fleet and we look forward to utilizing it in our local division.  It has extended range comparable to our other Volvo and look forward to reaching other customers on a day to day basis as we test its capabilities” says Mark Koch, Vice President of Operations.

2023 VOLVO VNRE features:

  •         85% improvement in range
  •         Faster charging with an 80% charge in 90 minutes
  •         Wider Range of Configurations

2023 Volvo VNRE

2023 Volvo VNRE

While this is an EV, the make and model is still familiar to all drivers who get inside to drive. The 2023 Volvo will be operating for our local accounts here in St. Louis alongside our other three EV’s in Artur Express.

Our current fleet of 3 electric trucks are meeting our expectations and look forward to the addition of the 4th EV to better serve our customers” says Koch.

The industry is ever evolving and we are always wanting to stay ahead and be able to lead in this space of EV’s in the metropolitan area of St. Louis. We look forward to continuing being a leading-edge carrier for years to come.


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