Artur Express Launches Health & Wellness Initiative

Hazelwood, Missouri, January 20, 2022 – In an effort to promote healthier lifestyles amongst both truck drivers and office employees, Artur Express has launched its Health & Wellness Initiative. A new challenge is announced every month, and participants compete for a chance to win prizes.

Ultimately, the real prize for everyone is a healthier lifestyle with support from their community. According to the CDC, 7 in 10 long-haul truckers are obese, which is twice the national average for adult workers in the U.S. Additionally, people who work in an office are also prone to sedentary lifestyles by sitting at computers. In an article by the American Heart Association, it is suggested that the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even death increases with more sedentary time. Along with a lack of mobility, truck drivers have limited access to healthy choices on the road.

The team at Artur Express started a Facebook group to encourage community support for participants. Group members engage in discourse, post their progress, and are given access to educational materials. January’s challenge motivates participants to take more steps during the day and log their daily step count. In February, participants will be challenged to keep track of what they eat during the day. To help them make healthier choices, Artur Express is holding an in-person and virtual nutritional seminar in February geared towards the trucking industry.

The Health & Wellness Initiative will continue each month throughout 2022.

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