Our company has been operating since 1998 and has been growing steadily ever since. We currently provide services to 48 states while maintaining a high standard of personalized and professional service. Our everyday operating philosophy is to offer the best transit times with the most cost-effective rates. Providing trouble-free pick-ups and deliveries is not our goal; it is our standard.

We remain on the leading edge of the transportation industry by using state-of-the-art technology and by providing services that adapt to our clients’ needs. Transportation is not only what we do; it is who we are.

Go with Artur today, because we are ready for tomorrow!


In April of 2020, Artur Express Inc. moved to their new world headquarters in Hazelwood, MO. The two-story 73,820 square foot terminal features an entire floor dedicated to drivers with a fitness center, multiple training rooms, showers, free laundry, media room and a café style area where they can comfortably wait and interact with each other. The second story, dedicated to employees, houses many conference rooms, collaboration areas, a game room, and a break/kitchen area for employees to recharge.