Now Hiring Driver Recruiters in St Louis, MO

(Local Candidates only, please)

The primary function of a Driver Recruiter is to recruit, interview, screen, and refer driver candidates who meet our minimum safety qualifications to perform the essential qualifications of a prospective driver.


Primary Purpose and Essential Functions Recruit, screen, interview and hire qualified Driver applicants to improve Driver retention and safety.

  • Initiate contact with potential driver candidates.
  • Provide accurate job descriptions to applicants.
  • Execute traditional and creative recruiting strategies that attract the ideal candidates.
  • Establish immediate rapport with potential driving associates by seeking to understand their career goals and interests.
  • Contact all new leads the day they are received using 3 methods of contact (Phone, Email, Text).
  • Set specific commitments with each potential driving associate and follow up to make sure they are kept.
  • Maintain daily contact with drivers who are scheduled for orientation.
  • Inform potential applicants about facilities, operations, benefits, pay, and specialty and dedicated opportunities.
  • Read, review, and understand all reports (i.e. MVRs, DAC and background checks).
  • Run reports and fully process driver applications.
  • Interview, gather, and analyze information skillfully to obtain a complete application and pre-qualify applicants.
  • Arrange travel and lodging for out-of-town applicants.
  • Provide feedback on leads and lead quality.
  • Assist with social media moderation and prospective candidate questions.
  • Follow up with new hires to assist with retention.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Tenstreet or previous customer service experience
  • Knowledge of the transportation industry


Please send resume to [email protected]